HBAGC Fall Home Show

Welcome new and returning vendors and exhibitors!  We would like to thank you for participating in the 55th Annual Tri-State Home Show.  The Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga believes your product or service will get maximum exposure during the Tri-State Home Show.  Past experience has proven this to be true.


Print Exhibitor Contract Here: Exhibitor Contract


HBAGC Members Non-Members
Inside Booth........................$650

Inside Booth.......................$850

Perimeter/Corner Booth......$750 Perimeter/Corner Booth.....$950


You will receive a $25 discount per booth by paying entire payment with a check.
*Do not apply discount to deposit. 



1.Booth Location. List only 1 or 2 perimeter/corner booth requests. We have limited and perimeter/corner booths and need to know your preference for a inside booth. Those with larger booths (4,6 booths) will be given preference to their location.


2. Booth Placement. Placement in any of the desired choices is NOT GUARANTEED.  Booth placement is determined by the HBAGC according to what it believes, in its sole discretion, will be in the best interest of the Show and the HBAGC. We will try not to place you near your competition.  Sponsors and companies that have the most booths will be given preference to their booth location. Once large booths are placed the remaining booth requests (those with 3 or less booths) will be placed in order by the earliest date that the HBAGC received the finalized contract along with payment.


3. Deposit and Full Payment. In order to reserve a space in the Show, Exhibitor shall deposit with the HBAGC the sum of Two Hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($200) per booth, no later than July 30th, 2021. All deposits are non-refundable. There may be availability after July 30th, 2021 but not guaranteed. There will be no refund for space after September 24th, 2021. There is no guarantee for Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga Fall Show participation until final payment and the signed contract is received. Final Payments are due by September 24. There is a discount of $25 per booth if Exhibitor pays with a check for the full payment. The discount is only applied to the balance (not the deposit).


4. Floor Plan. HBAGC reserves the right to make changes to the overall Show floor plan and/or booth assignments in its sole discretion in order to serve the best interests of the Show and its collective Exhibitors.


5. Membership. If you are interested in becoming a member of the HBAGC to recieve a discounted rate on your booth space you can apply to do so on the HBAGC website. Click Here: Membership


6. Limitations. Exhibits shall be so installed that they will not exceed beyond the space allotted.  Distribution of printed materials, souvenirs or other articles must be restricted to the space of the exhibit.  Individual public address systems will be permitted on the premises, but must NOT be audible more than eight (3) feet from booth.  The exposed backs or sides of all booths must be draped or finished, with no signage, so that it will not interfere with an adjoining booth. Booths and constructed displays must not be higher than an 8ft back drop.


7. Signage. Exhibitor booth signage must not be any bigger then 5ft (h) x 8ft (w). Signage must be hung above your booth bu the Convention Center, you will need to contact the Convention Center to request this. Signage cannot be hung above your booth on the 8ft backdrop or any build structure that is larger than 8ft tll. 


Additonal Rules and Regulations can be located on the Exhibitors Contract. 



We have compiled this exhibitor’s manual to help you make the most out of your Home Show experience.  Be sure and read over the entire booklet.  This booklet has helpful information about the show and also things you can do to make your Home Show experience a successful one. Click Here: Exhibitors Manual

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